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The period over the first consecutive four months of a year.


A product which by ABC definition belongs to a minor group of products representing a major part of the total sales value or production value or both or turnover. For stock control and planning the category of A-products is given the greatest consideration

ABC analysis

Analysis conprising a group of products due to arrive at an ABC classification.

ABC classification

1. The classification of a conglomerate of products to form three categories for stock control and planning. The classification is then made on the basis of the ABC analysis. Criteria for the analysis may be, for example, the demand, the sales value, and production value per period. The categories are then designated A, B and C: A minor group of products representing a major part of the total sales value or production value or both or turnover. The greatest consideration is given to this category. B an intermediate conglomerate of products that is given less consideration.. C a large conglomerate of products representing only a minor part of the total sales value and production value, or both, or turnover value. In comparison, this category is given the least consideration. 2. The result of an ABC analysis.

ABC planning

A moving period planning (MPP) comprising a horizon of one year at minimum in which the year is consisting of three per ods of four months each: A period: the first consecutive four months of this year; B period: the second consecutive four months of this year; C period: the last consecutive four months of this year; Depending on the reference time, it is called the ABC plan, BCA plan or CAB plan.

ABC stock control

Stock control on the basis of an ABC classification of products.

abnormal demand

An unexpected change in the volume of customer orders.

absolute figures (supplies, sales, etc.)

The plan-figures (supplies, sales, etc.) covering a particular period incorporated in a given planning system as fixed values in order to replace the figures internally calculated by the system, where as the absolute figures remain unchanged in the case of corrective calculations by the system.

acceptance of goods

The process of accepting a consignment of goods from a consignor, normally against issue of a receipt. As from this point in time and on this location the carrier bears the responsibility for the consignment.


The capability of a carrier to render service between the origin and the destination of the consignment.

accessorial charges

A carriers charge for all accessorial services such as discharging.

accessorial service

A service provided by a carrier supplementary to its transportation service, as for stopping in transit in order to complete loading, or heating, cooling, or storing shipped goods.


A feature that may be supplied separately and not being an integral part of the product, for example, a car’s mud flaps.

accompanied transport

Transport of fully equipped road vehicles by an other mode of transportation (for example by a train or ferry) accompanied by the driver.

added value

1. (General) The value added to products, resulting from a particular physical or mental process (e.g. production process, storage, transport, added software). 2. (Accounting) The total amount of recoverable wage costs and of depreciable costs of fixed assets, as far as included in production value.

air taxi

A for-hire air carrier (exempt) that will fly to any destination on demand.

air/surface container (intermodal container)

A piece of transport equipment with an internal volume of at least 1 m (35,3 ft3), fitted with complete fittings for top and bottom, with restraint provisions suitable for an aircraft restraint system, having an entirely flush base bottom in order to allow handling on different rollerized cargo handling systems. This kind of container is specifically intended for air transport and interchange with road, rail and sea transport modes (surface transport). Containers of these types are designated with type codes 90 to 99.

airport to airport freight

The charge for transport of cargo between the airport of loading and the Airport of Unloading.

airway bill (AWB) air consignment note

A document provided by the carrier(s) or on their behalf, confirming receipt of the consignment by the carrier and proving the contract between the effected shipper and the carrier(s) made out for the carriage of the described goods by aircraft.

all cargo carrier (in aircargo)

An air carrier destined for transporting aircargo only.

allocated material

Material already in stock and / or on order specifically assigned to a certain order already released.

alternate routing

Usually an alternate but less preferred routing than the primary one, but terminating in an identical destination. Alternate routings should be maintained online or offline, by manual methods. However, the computer software has to be able to accommodate alternate routings for certain jobs.


The stage of production when components are fitted into an end product according to the process concerned.

ATA carnet

An international document for customs’ purposes, for use by exhibitors at trade fairs, salesmen, service technicians, for temporary export and later re-import of goods. The carnet enables temporary, duty-free export and re-import of goods (e.g. samples, tools, measuring equipment etc.) by travellers avoiding formalities at the border.


A methodical and thorough examination review and record of a situation or a condition (as within a production enterprise) concluding with a formal and detailed report of findings.

automated guided vehicle system AGVS

Unmanned vehicles using automatic guidance equipment to follow a prescribed path If used in production, AGVS may be stopping at each machining, tooling or assembly station for the next production step, either automatic or manual

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