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gantry crane

An overhead crane with a horizontal gantry standing on legs either fixed, running in fixed tracks or using rubber tyres having limited manoeuvreability in one plane. Such cranes normally straddle a load, preferably a container on a road / rail or quay. Gantries with rubber tyres are more manoeuverable then fixed gantry cranes and are mainly used for lifting, moving, and stacking containers, usually in rows and tiers, in storage areas.

gateway (in transport)

1. A point at which transported goods are interchanged between carriers or different modes of transport.

2. A means of access (mainly in computer systems), an entry.

general Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT)

Major multilateral agreement on international tariffs and trades affecting nations across the world.

general average (G/A)

Intentional act or loss which is put up with to prevent the total loss or complete damage of a vessel and its cargo The master of a vessel has the authority to sacrifice property, and / or incur reasonable expenditure in case a vessel is in danger to suffer a total loss if a total loss can thus be avoided or can be expected to be prevented. Measures taken are not accepted as general average if their purpose was the sole benefit of one particular interest.

general average act (York-Antwerp rules)

A general average act is granted when, and only when such an extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure is reasonably made, intentionally, or suffered for the common safety in the intention of preserving from loss the property unintentionally involved in a common marine undertaking.

general cargo

1. Cargo, consisting of goods, either unpacked or packed, e.g. in cartons, crates, boxes, bags or bales, sometimes palletized, but not stowed in shipping containers. Such general cargo can either be shipped in breakbulk or containerized.

2. (in aircargo) Any consignment that is not a consignment consisting of valuable cargo and which is charged for transport at standard general cargo rates.

general cargo container (in aircargo)

This is a general term used for any type of container not intended, designed, and usually not certified for use in air transport mode and which is mainly intended for the transport of general cargo

general purpose container

Freight container, made of metal, totally enclosed and weather-proof, covered by a rigid roof, enclosed by rigid side walls, a floor and rigid end walls. At least one the end walls is fitted with doors. This container is intended for the transport of goods of a variety as wide as possible. There are different types of general purpose containers of which the simplest form has the type code 00.


1. (in the economic sense) Material and non-material commodities (e.g. products and services) designed and produced to satisfy needs.

2. (Planning) Products intended for and suitable to be moved along the business chain.

3. (in transport) All or a fraction of the cargo delivered by the shipper, including the equipment provided by the shipper.

groupage (in roadcargo)

The collection of a number of small consignments which will then be formed to one large shipment thereof.

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